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Six Sigma Tanzania has an exceptional track-record in Africa for large corporate training operations. Our lean green belt and black belt six sigma courses in Dar es Salaam and other major cities in Tanzania, are cutting edge flagship training courses in the continuous improvement space. Six Sigma Tanzania is a subsidiary of the 2KO Africa group, which is one of the top six sigma providers of lean and six sigma training and consulting in the world. Give us a test-run with our free white belt six sigma course below. Courses are available full time and part-time.


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Six Sigma training for company managers and leaders, and for career-minded individuals is conducted virtually, or in person classes at every certification level. Through the 2KO International Group, courses are conducted in all major cities around the world.


1998 – 2KO was Founded

1999 – Microsoft Partnership

2002 – CISCO partnership

2003 – Six Sigma Provider

2007 – SETA accreditation

2008 – MICT accreditation 

2010 – UK Branches opens

2012 – Other worldwide branches open

2013 – Leading provider in Africa

2016 – Over 200 Blue Chip Companies

2021 – The “2KO Group” was formed



Historical roots – 4

2KO Africa started as a computer training centre in the late 1990’s and was a project of current owner Barry Smith. 2KO Africa soon expanded to incorporate business in the UK in partnership with Inspecs, who owned Farleigh Castle and a building near Chelsea. IT training expanded into much more, namely SEO, Web development, business training and Six Sigma certification and consulting. Most of these services are still available today.